Cell isolation for cultivation and/or analysis:

  • Gradient centrifugation (Ficoll, Percoll)
  • Cell separation by magnetic beads
  • Cell sorting by flow cytometry


Flow cytometry:

  • Immunophenotyping of blood or tissue leukocytes
  • Analysis of intracellular cytokines and chemokines
  • Analysis of intracellular phosphoproteins (PhosFlow)
  • Analysis of apoptosis (e.g. Caspase-3 activity)
  • Additional analyses on request (e.g. cell proliferation, DNA strand breaks)


 Protein analysis:

  • Multiplex analysis of plasma, serum, cell culture supernatants and cell lysates
  • SinglePlex ELISA of different specimens by means of absorption, luminescence and fluorescence
  • Western Blotting
  • Automated and digitized cell microscopy