Clinical Cytomics Facility

The Clinical Cytomics Facility (CCF) is an association of specialized laboratories from the fields of immunology and hematology. With our interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists, physicians, and BMAs from both disciplines we offer comprehensive research and diagnostic services in the fields of cellular immunology and hematology. We own the complete spectrum of know-how and infrastructure to isolate and culture primary human white blood cells, to analyze your cells by flow cytometry and other imaging techniques and to conduct the study of cell-free supernatants by ELISA or multiplex Analysis (instruments).

Our facility provides a platform that allows efficient implementation of customer- and patient-related cellular analysis. The CCF aims to comprehensively analyze cellular pathophysiologic processes thereby enabling improvements of diagnostic and therapeutic developments. Our non-commercial facility is embedded into the broad structure of the Center of Laboratory Medicine (ZLM) and is in continuous interaction with the teams of the Clinical Metabolomics Facility (CMF), Liquid Biobank Bern (LBB), Clinical Genomics and Computational Medicine.

Depending on your requirements, we support the design and the elaboration of your clinical study and/or assist in the experimental realization. Moreover, we offer specialized laboratory diagnostics in the field of immunology and hematology.

The facility offers its services to internal and external departments and hospitals. A Steering Commitee consisting from representatives of the Inselspital and DKF supervises access and user conditions.