Short Profile

Alexander Leichtle studied medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (D) and commenced his thesis at the Institute for Clinical Chemistry at the University Hospital Großhadern (Director Dietrich Seidel, supervisors Daniel Teupser and Joachim Thiery). He followed his supervisors after their relocation to the University Hospital Leipzig (D), started his specialization in Laboratory Medicine and deepened his interests in evaluating large data sets, which was already founded in his transcriptome-oriented thesis project, new and in cooperation with Martin Fiedler in the field of proteo-/peptidomics. 2011 he joined the University Institute of Clinical Chemistry at the Inselspital Bern (Director: Martin Fiedler) and refocused from proteins and peptides  and simple classification models towards metabolites and more complex, mainly Bayesian modelling. 2014 Alexander Leichtle was appointed as lecturer for „Computational and Laboratory Medicine“ by the Medical Faculty of the University of Bern. His courses comprise „classical“ clinical chemistry as well as modern statistical methodology fort he analysis of „-omics“ data.

Curriculum vitae

2014 Lecturer degree „Computational and Laboratory Medicine“
2013 Approval of FAMH equivalence by the Swiss Federal Authority for Health (BAG)
Since 2011 consultant constultant at the University Institute of Clinical Chemistry at the Inselspital Bern
2008 Medical specialist for „Laboratory Medicine“
2005 Thesis (MD, Laboratory Medicine)
2003-2011 Specialization and practice as Medical specialist for „Laboratory Medicine“ at the Institute for Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry, and Molecular Diagnostics at the University Hospital Leipzig (D)
1996-2002 Studies of medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (D)


A recent overview is available at research and or in the Boris system