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PD Dr. med. Michael Nagler, PhD, MSc

 “One question has pre-occuppied me since I started my professional career: How can we improve the medical care of patients? This problem is particularly pressing as health care is changing dramatically. It is recognized that several areas would benefit from significantly more scientific enquiry: diagnostic procedures, predictive measures, monitoring of treatment and effectiveness in clinical practice. To address these questions, the experience of practicing physicians and extensive laboratory expertise as well as profound methodological research knowledge is required. At TAPE, we provide all these skills hand in hand.”

Current healthcare challenges

The needs and requirements imposed on health care systems and health care delivery continue to change dramatically. Health care costs are rising sharply with new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and an aging population. The critical appraisal of health care innovations such as diagnostic tools, predictive measures, monitoring tools, as well as treatment schemes, is both essential and difficult. There is however a paucity of studies promoting the implementation of these health care innovations into clinical practice and a major “implementation gap” is acknowledged by health care authorities. The following challenges are apparent:

  • Significantly increasing health care costs 
  • Problems associated with overdiagnosis and overtreatment 
  • New biologicals claim to cure life-threatening diseases
  • Innovative new technologies are rapidly entering the market
  • Demands on medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics are increasing
  • Integration of digital health care in a way that aids healthcare professionals and benefits patient care patient care.


Delivery of comprehensive laboratory services and expertise, broad experience in clinical medicine as well as profound knowledge in methods of patient-oriented research, to provide all-round expertise including customized solutions to answer patient-oriented research questions. 

Aims and Scope/ What we do

In collaboration with our partners within and beyond the Center for Laboratory Medicine, we address a broad range of major scientific questions.

Unique opportunities at TAPE

The environment TAPE offers a number of unique opportunities:

  1. All-round expertise in laboratory medicine, epidemiology, as well as clinical medicine
  2. Access to a comprehensive spectrum of high-end laboratory technologies (incl. genomics, pharmacogenomics, cytomics, biobanking solutions)
  3. Extensive network of recognized experts in all areas of laboratory medicine and clinical medicine
  4. Large patient numbers at Inselspital including patients with severe and rare diseases
  5. Close collaboration with existing data repositories at Inselspital

Industry Partners

Current projects


Michael Nagler, PhD, MSc
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Michael Nagler, PhD, MSc
Group leader, Principle Investigator
Anja Stalder
Anja Stalder
Data management
Vincent Benites
Vincent Benites
BMA HF (Laboratory assistant)
Jonas Kaufmann
Jonas Kaufmann
Doctoral thesis (Dr. med.)
Michael Esteves  Pereira
Michael Esteves Pereira
Doctoral thesis (Dr. med.)
Luca Pellegrini
Luca Pellegrini
Doctoral thesis (Dr. med.)
Annika Burger
Annika Burger
Master’s thesis (MD)
Tamara Mertins
Tamara Mertins
Master’s thesis (MD)
Robin Boss
Robin Boss
Master’s thesis (MD)
Daria Eppenberger
Daria Eppenberger
Master’s thesis (MD)
Matthias Knuchel
Matthias Knuchel
Student assistant




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