Aims & Scope

Our research focuses on the factors and mechanisms underlying inter-individual variability in drug response with an emphasis on genetic (pharmacogenetics) and metabolomic (pharmacometabolomics) factors.In addition to our research related to drug response, we are also interested in cell-free DNA that occurs in different body fluids and its potential use in laboratory diagnostics as a «liquid biopsy».
Our ultimate aim is to translate scientific knowledge into clinically useful diagnostic tests that contribute to treatments tailored more closely to patients’ individual needs, such as individualized drug prescription, dosing or other interventions.


Current projects include the genetic basis of toxicity in fluoropyrimidine-based chemotherapy, pharmacogenomics and –metablomics of immunosuppressant therapy in heart transplant patients, the genetics of metamizole-induced agranulocytosis and the study of cell-free DNA as a liquid biopsy for cancer and organ allografts.