Michael Hayoz

Institute of Clinical Chemistry
Inselspital, Bern University Hospital
and University of Bern
CH-3010, Bern
Büro: +41 31 632 01 55
Mobile: +41 79 514 09 19
E-mail: michael.hayoz@no-spaminsel.ch


Mass Spec Scientist

Research Interests

Mass spectrometry is a very interesting and powerful technique, with a potential for a huge range of analysis and research applications.

In my opinion it is the future common analysis tool, which will find its way into the most research and work fields.

That is why I am enjoying working in this area, to discover and develop new possibilities and techniques and be a part of the future.

I am responsible for the High Resolution Mass Sepctrometry (QTOF) and the technical First-Level Support of the Research and Routine Metabolomics Platform. Besides general method developments on the LC-MS Systems, I am also performing untargeted and targeted Metabolomics screening, drug monitoring and trace analysis.

Curriculum vitae

2012 - present Mass Spec Scientist in Inselspital Bern, University Institute of Clinical Chemistry, Metabolomics and Drug Metabolism
2007-2012 Chemistry Lab Technician in Cantonal Laboratory Bern,
Department: General chemistry analytics, Focus on examination of food and commodities. Instrumental Analytics (e.g. UHPLC, IC, Gamma Spectrometry, LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, AAS, ICP-OES), apprentice trainer (theory and practice)
2004-2007 Apprentice as Lab Technician at Office of Public Health (BAG),
Section: Chemical risks, Focus on examination of food and commodities. Instrumental Analytics (e.g. HPLC, GC-MS, ICP-MS, IR-Spectrometry)
2000-2004 College St. Croix, Fribourg
Main Focus: Applied Mathematics, Physics