Kavya Anjani (visiting scientist) and Michael Hayoz (UKC) at the Q-TOF


Metabolomics Group

Our group is focusing on the mass-spectrometric detection and comprehensive bioinformatic evaluation of metabolite alterations in various diseases (eg. colorectal and pancreatic cancer).

If you are interested in our research, please contact us.

Recent Publications

Potentials and pitfalls of clinical peptidomics and metabolomics (external link), Swiss Med Wkly 2013;143:w13801

Pancreatic carcinoma, pancreatitis, and healthy controls: metabolite models in a three-class diagnostic dilemma (external link), Metabolomics. 2013;9(3):677-687

Serum amino acid profiles and their alterations in colorectal cancer (external link), Metabolomics 2012;8(4):643-653

Effects of a 2-y dietary weight-loss intervention on cholesterol metabolism in moderately obese men (external link), AJCN 2011;94(5):1189-95


Ongoing collaborations (getting updated now)
Collaborator(s) Location(s) Project(s) Publication(s) 2012/2013
Dufour JF, Idle J Bern, DKF Metabolomics Swiss Med Wkly
Thiery J, Ceglarek U Leipzig, University Hospital Metabolomics Metabolomics
Conrad T, Schütte C Berlin, Free University Bioinformatics Metabolomics
Strimmer K, Gibb S Leipzig, University Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
Weinert P Munich, German Supercomputing Centre Bioinformatics Metabolomics
Nakas C Magnesia, University of Thessaly Bioinformatics Metabolomics
Kase J Berlin, Charité Metabolomics Metabolomics